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Two time Grammy Award winner, recording artist and Worship Leader Matt Redman, is releasing his first Christmas album ever. He has his own renditions of some of your favorite Christmas songs and a few originals. More on Matt's Christmas album can be found by clicking here.

The Best Christmas Ever! is the third full-length holiday release from NewSong, featuring classics from their previous Christmas releases, plus additional new Christmas music. The group will also be on tour for the Christmas season. Click here to learn more about the Newsong Christmas Tour and their new release.

Learning to be an authentic Christian takes effort, with plenty of time in prayer. Ray Stedman, a mentor to Chuck Swindoll and Luis Palau, was a pastor at Peninsula Bible Church in California for 40 years, and though Ray is gone to be with the Lord, he had some incredible insights on making the path to authentic Christianity a little easier. Click here to learn more.

There are ways to get your kids involved in the family meals, that can be fun and rewarding. Learn how by clicking here. It might be a little messy, but well worth it. They'll love eating what they cooked. You too, with a little of your supervision. It's a fun way for some family bonding, along with the edible delicacies you'll be able to enjoy together.