Mat Kearney blends his unique blend of pop and hip/hop strewn across this incredible release called CRAZYTALK. Kearney has been steadily diversifying his sound, adding elements of R&B and even Reggae to his musical palette. Because of this inventive background, a record like CRAZYTALK may seem like a rather unfortunate step back at first glance. But given some time to simmer, the nuances start revealing themselves. The chill vibes go from unexpected and jarring to welcoming and intimate. But even with the sound change, this is still a Mat Kearney record through and through. Click the Image above for more info.
Lincoln Brewster stands out thanks to his virtuoso guitar playing. A typical worship song suddenly catches the ear when a blazing solo flashes across an instrumental break. Brewster now returns four years after his last album to bring us "God of the Impossible," a pop rock collection of songs focusing on the ways God works in a believer's life. What impresses about Brewster's guitar playing is the seamless way he blends face-melting solos with worshipful lyrics. They impress the listener, but they don't detract from the song; they are part of the worship experience. More info by clicking the image above.