The surprise release of the Chain Breaker LP is a result of the outpouring of support for Williams' first single of the same name, which quickly reached No. 1 at Christian radio. Williams received a Grammy nomination for Chain Breaker, and wasn't expected to release his full album until spring. The LP is now available on digital services like iTunes. Click the image above to find out more about Zach and his music.

Free music downloads of Christian music are available, if you know where to look. Jesus Freak Hidehout offers free legal downloads all the time, including at the moment, Citizen Way, Chris Sligh, JJ Heller, Disciple, JJ Weeks Band, Audio Adrenaline, Lauren Daigle and more. Click on the image above to find the latest downloads from Jesus Freak Hideout.

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In 2009, Danny Gokey burst onto the American Idol stage just four weeks after his wife’s heartrending death. Though rocked by loss, Danny never lost hope as he pursued the life-long dream he had shared with his Sophia. Although many know him from his time on Idol, they don’t know the story of overcoming that led up to it or the path of restoration and healing that followed it. Click here to learn more about Danny's book, "Hope In Front Of Me."

A pizza delivery man finds a blessing at church. “The world is good. It is full of goodness and kindness and people are just waiting to be able to express that in some way and be witness to that. It was phenomenal.” Learn more about the story of a man with end stage heart failure, and how God is healing him by clicking here.