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“For God Is With Us” is the latest from one of the music industry’s most respected and decorated duos. Always ones to point to the better side of what this world has to offer, the song’s chorus says, “There is a life for you and me, there is a hope when you believe, just wait and see.” for KING & COUNTRY believe that “For God is With Us” has a message that is timeless. It’s not just an abstract thought, but God is actually amongst us and with us and that this earth has been endowed with life and beauty that comes from God.’ We hope that it meets you where you are right now and beyond.”

This band can really write a hooky and truth-filled chorus, and the song “On Our Way” features Bart Millard’s son Sam Wesley, and the song is catchy, relevant, and upbeat like MercyMe’s previous hit songs “Greater,” “Move” and “So Long Self.” The song is quite simple: “We do some things right, and even more things wrong, but it still feels like we’re just getting started on life. We talked about how there’s still something coming and something to look forward to and run towards—whether we’re nine or 99 years old.”

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